10 Pretty incredible double die pennies

There are different sort of mistakes you can do in your day-to-days live and if you are planning to obtain into different kinds of antiques which came out of the mistakes . There are couple of people who are blamed for their errors however the objects on which they are making these various errors, can be changed into intriguing antiques. There are numerous kinds of art types you can think about in this case and there various linear details you may find on this matter. If you interested to learn about these different antiques you can examine out the link. Get all the information from this link. So have a look at rare stamp value today. If you’re looking for butt stamp, you have stay on the remarkable post page.

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Inverted Jenny: The upside down airplane stamp worth a fortune


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esterday And Today: The Beatles get butchered


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Topps C-3PO #207: The naughty Star Wars trading card


The card was quickly replaced with fans and nerds looking for the mythical original ever since.
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The 1955 Double Die Penny: Lincoln has double vision!


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Po: The cursing Teletubby doll


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Pope Francis Medallion: The not so holy coin


Although there was no divine intervention, the gaffe was spotted very quickly with only 4 copies of the coin reaching the public, resulting in a prime Papal collectible. The coin was corrected and re-released soon after.
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NBA Elite 11: The basketball video game worth more than championship tickets!


The NBA Elite 11 is a video game for Playstation 3 that was intended for release to coincide with the 2011 basketball season. Delays in production of the game meant that it missed the start of the regular season and as result, was never released.

Before deciding that the NBA Elite 11 would never reach the public, EA Sports (the game’s creators) sent out advance copies to the media and retailers with glitches included. This makes Elite 11 a slam-dunk as a collectible!
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All Star Batman and Robin #10: The comic book filled with profanities


Said Miller of the incident, “It’s just one of those terrible and glorious things that happen time to time in publishing.”
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The Little Mermaid: The video cover art that displays a naughty golden castle



Copies of the original Little Mermaid video continue to surface on eBay at variable prices and are always of interest to Disney collectors. (Source | Photo)

The Wicked Bible: The Good Book temporarily becomes The Bad Book


No word on if anybody took the Commandment to heart and practiced as preached.
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