10 Extremely incredible custom guitar paint jobs

Guitar is the icon of iconoclastic rock music which promotes a rough and difficult wild expression of artistic fever. Manliness must be manifested in the shape of a guitar. This link includes details of various guitars looking like organs of a male body or weapons. You get to understand about guitar with balls, sword guitar, naked chick guitar and weapon guitar and so on. Even you want more challenge ; you can take a 42 string guitar. Inspect out that do you actually have balls to play them to manifest your overwhelming manliness? So take a look at 42 string guitar now. If you are finding for really cool guitars, you have land on the perfect website.

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Angel Sword Guitar: plays Iron Maiden songs, slays teen pop stars


O Lord, bless this thy Angel Sword Guitar, that with it thou mayst blow Christina Aguilera and A-HA and Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias to tiny bits, in thy mercy. It was custom made for the Alfee’s guitar player Takamizawa, one of the biggest rock acts in Japan and Takamizawa is well known for his Angel and other Gothic themed guitars.

Gun Guitar: Play and Kill at the same time


Play and kill at the same time with the Gun guitar. Someone from Gizmodo saw this in a Japanese Yamaha store, where there must be lots of weird guitars, have a look at the bass in the left. The price is about $700, not bad if only you could shot with it.

Naked Chick guitar


Nothing screams SEX like the Naked Chick guitar. Guaranteed to scandalize your public and their mothers. Have a look where the jack is connected.

Gladiator Triple Omega: some things just aren’t as sharp as this


The Gladiator Triple Omega is the guitar you need to make a statement, there ain’t nothing sharper than this babe.

Pikasso: play this 42-string guitar, if you’re man enough


The Pikasso Guitar is a custom-made instrument created by Canadian luthier Linda Manzer. This 42-string guitar with three necks has been popularized by jazz artist Pat Metheny and can be heard on his song “Into the Dream” and many of his albums. Seen on stage, the Pikasso is about the size of a school-band drum.

Ultra Zone Guitar: for the reptile in you


Invented by Steve Vai, the “Ultra Zone” guitar was built in 2001 by Alistair Hay of Emerald Guitars in Ireland. Finished in Triflash paint, the reptile-like paint job turns from gold to green to red (depending on how the light hits it).

Guitar + Bass + Skateboard = Skatar


The first combination of a guitar, a bass and a transport. Get on stage, play the damn thing and be the first to leave on your skate. Just take care of not stepping on the strings.

Ibanez Tripleneck


If you thought Jimmy Page’s double-neck was the manliest, you were wrong: meet the triple-neck. One twelve-string neck, one regular 6–string and a fretless one configure this singular guitar. It must hurt to carry it for a while. Steve Vai wanted to use it on Sex and Religion tour but it was too expensive to carry it, because of its fragility.

4th of July Guitar


With this guitar, you’re not only the man in charge, you’re also patriotic. It’s the perfect guitar to rock out on the Fourth of July. Aside from resembling how the United States of America looks like on a map, the strange but cool aspect of this guitar is the finely carved and detailed eagle head.

The Wangcaster: a guitar with balls


The manliest guitar of all time. Show your virility on stage with the legendary Wangcaster. It started out as a Cort Stratocaster copy, but the hormones were too much for this baby. The body is made out of Cherry wood, headstock is maple.

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