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Footwear ‘s are generally made to protect our feet from dust and harm . We usually were slippers in our home , so that we can secure our foot from cracks . These are some crazy design slippers that are revealed in the above pointed out link, which you can consider for your feet. These foot wears are created specifically to provide you a different type of feel when you stroll around the rooms of your house . Some of the designs are really hilarious and you will absolutely laugh seeing at it and you can even think about buying them when you buy your next slippers. So have a look at killer rabbit slippers you always wanted. If you are trying to search for lighted slippers, you have come on the outstanding web page.

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Vinyl Funny Feet Slippers


Add some comedy with these funny feet slippers ($10.99)

(Buy it Here)

Boobie Slippers


Warm, funny and comfy boob slippers. (Source)

Bright Feet Lighted Slippers


Bright Feet Lighted Slippers ($19.99)are slippers with headlights that light your way in the dark. It’s like having nightlights on your feet! (Buy it Here)

Polar Bear Paw Slippers


These funny bear paw slippers ($19.99) will keep your feet snug and warm all winter.

(Buy it Here)

Penis Slippers


Pink-coloured penis slippers for her made of fur fabric with penis and testicles on top. (Source)

Freudian Slippers


Slip into a pair of Freudian slippers ($25.95) the ultimate foot therapy session. Now all you have to do is lay down on the couch and talk about your childhood. (Buy it Here)

Killer Rabbit Slippers


Killer rabbits ($31.41) for your feet. People love fuzzy bunny slippers but how does the rabbit feel about it? Now you can terrorize small pets and dust bunnies around the house with this high-quality, cuddly, fluffy footwear. (Buy it Here)

Darth Vader Slippers


Let the Star Wars ($27.99) characters keep your feet warm on those cold winter nights! These slippers are just what you need for lounging around the house.
(Buy it Here)

Yoda Slippers

a97871_s3These comfy Yoda Slippers ($19.99) will warm your feet in the cold outer regions of the galaxy! Yoda’s head sits on top of each slipper smiling benevolently wherever you walk. The force is strong with this unique Star Wars gift for the ultimate fan.

(Buy it Here)


All the comfort – none of the mess!… Great for Halloween ($6.99) and all year ’round! (Buy it Here)


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