10 Highly special funny vows for wedding ceremony

There are different kinds of amusing incidents regarding marital relationship you can discover around you and there are varied type of marital relationship failure you are going to find around you. In a wedding, there are various sort of disarrangements you may find and all of this various marital relationship failure news flash out in the public place . These events later discovered as amusing ones. If you are enthusiastic about understanding these different incidents you can have a look at the link. Get all the details of these different failures and get entertained from the events and likewise get detailed info from these incidents . So search for funny wedding promises today. If you are browsing for wedding fails youtube, you have come on the awesome lading page.

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Rule number one: you probably shouldn’t choose such a long stair, or such a long veil. (The comments say it’s probably a guy, but it’s funny anyways).


Rule number two: try not to choose a clumsy best man. (Best man trips, bride and priest fall into the pool).


Rule number three: during your wedding vows, try to keep your sexual thoughts to yourself. (Bride accidentally says “lust” instead of “love and trust” in her wedding vows!


Rule number four: don’t laugh your ass off during your husband’s vows.


Rule number five: don’t lose your fake teeth during the ceremony.



Rule number six: when you get out of the car, make sure all your dress is out too.


Rule number seven: make sure your veil is attached to your head.


Rule number eight: don’t pass out during the ceremony.



Rule number nine: don’t, absolutely don’t, puke on the bride.


And finally… rule number ten: wait until the end of the ceremony to update your Facebook and Twitter status.

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