10 Really special cute insects

There are lots of stunning and stunning animals that grace our earth, but there are likewise awful stepchildren in the animal world, otherwise referred to as weird animals. Numerous of these are on the verge of termination, however they don’t get the publicity of the pandas and polar bears, because, quite honestly, they’re horrible. Strange pests and unusual phobia-inspiring creatures occupy the world. Keep reading to find about a few of these unusual pests and significant information . The page has collected information about ten strange looking bugs that will certainly make you surprised with their uncommon appearances in the surroundings . So look into most interesting bugs you may need. If you’re finding for worlds scariest insects, you have come on the ideal page.

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The Darth Vader Ant



Hello Kitty Caterpillar


This is actually the caterpillar form of the Chinese Bush Brown Butterfly (Mycalesis gotama), but that face is familiar all over the world as Hello Kitty. As you can probably imagine, these cute caterpillars are quite the hit in Japan, the caterpillars’ native region.

We don’t know much more about this insect, except that they are totally cute. (Source)

Elvis Presley Shield Bug


The bug has previously been spotted in the forests of Singapore, where it was likened to the Sesame Street character Bert. (Source)

Donald Trump Caterpillar



Wattle Cup Caterpillar



Hummingbird Moth


Look! It’s a hummingbird! No, a bug! No, a hummingbird…

It’s probably Hemaris thysbe, the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth or Common Clearwing (wingspan 38-50 mm), which so closely resembles a hummingbird when feeding that many people never really notice that it’s a moth hovering over the flowers.

The diurnal nature of many of these moths (most moths are nocturnal) and its similarities to the hummingbird in size, foraging behavior, and feeding structures often makes it one of the most common cases of mistaken identity in nature.

The Hemaris thysbe moth feeds through a proboscis, a long, straw-like tube kept curled under the head when not in use. Its range includes Alaska and the Northwest Territories south through British Columbia to Oregon, east through the Great Plains and the Great Lakes area to Maine and Newfoundland, and south to Florida and Texas. Central Texas residents know that its range incorporates the Texas Hill Country, especially in the spring. (Source 1 | Source 2)

Alien Caterpillar



Flower Caterpillar



Snake Caterpillar



Darth Maul Bug


milkweed. (Source)

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