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With the development of modern-day innovations in the fi9eld of photography, a lot has been carried out in the sector of image editing too. The main technology that has been utilized by all who are related to the editing of photographs is the software called Image shop . In this post, you will get to see snaps that have actually not been subjected to any editing. It is actually incredible to see that the distinct thoughts and creativity of the photographers have been portrayed in an amazing manner . To see these pictures, click on the link offered here. So check out cool pictures to look at immediately. If you are searching for super cool pictures, you have actually come on the amazing website.

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Dean Potter’s most recent solo walk at Taft Point in Yosemite by Photographer Jeff Cunningham. (Source)


Sleeping on Heaven. (Source)




Apparently, the model was just jumping! (Source)


(The left-hand side is a mirror, and the right-hand side is clear glass, with another girl standing on the other side). (Source)


At the top of 360 feet tall Victoria Falls there is a natural rock pool, called Devil’s Pool, where the water is relatively calm. From September to December, when the water level is low, you can swim in Devil’s Pool. The pictures are bound to make you just a little nervous. Or a lot. (Source


It looks Photoshopped, but this Magic Tap fountain actually has a pipe hidden in the stream of water. Located in Aqualand, Spain. (Source)


Li Wei Art. (Source)


This definitely looks photoshopped but actually it’s a life-size photographic work based on the original building in Paris, printed on canvas, enhanced with bas-relief. It shelters the renovation of an Hausmannian building during the year 2007. The project is named”39GeorgeV” is an urban surrealism manifesto. (Source)


The Human Fly, a dare devil/stunt performer named Rick Rojatt, lives out the Marvel Comics character on the back of a DC-8 cruising low at 250 knots, flown by Clay Lacy at the Mojave California 1000 air races. (Source 1 | Source 2)


Headless horse… oh well, it’s actually looking the other way. (Source)


Adventures of Mr. Fly (although not photoshopped we must tell you the fly is dead). (Source)




Tricky desktop picture. (Source)


The zebroid (cross between a zebra and any other equine) showed in the picture above, Eclyse, is a very unusual one, because of her coloring. With her ├╝ber distinct makings, it’s really hard not to think she’s a Photoshop mock-up. (Source)

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