12 Quite stunning pictures of feet tattoos

Tattoos never stop us to admire as the following list of tattoos on foot remind us this reality . Mike Marquez has actually chosen to obtain his foot tattooed with the sign of Air Jordan V, which he likes . Some even use animation tattoos under their feet and make them undetectable in regular times till they go to sleep. Images of an US previous President Bush was well seen on the bottom of couple of people. A camel toe actually attracts the viewers as well as attractive to view for the second time as the art of tattoos will have no end since they are becoming increasingly more popular every day and in every way . So look into tattoos on top of foot now. If you’re finding for celebrity feet tattoos, you have actually come on the best post page.

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Calvin + Hobbes. (Source)


Pac-man. (Source)


Would you have ever thought that someone would have a tattoo of US former President? Well, in fact, someone does. And it’s on the bottom of their foot. I think it had something to do with “stomping out Bush” or “stomping on Bush”. Either way, Bush was involved and there was some stomping going on. (Source)


So clever! (Source)


Mario & Luigi. (Source)


Symmetrical Gas Mask Tattoo. (Source)


This woman loves maps so much — and the CTA — that she has the rail system map tattooed on top of her foot. (Source)


Mike Marquez loves the Air Jordan V so much he decided to get a permanent AJV on his foot. (Source)


A camel toe, literally! (Source)


Car tattoo. (Source)

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