10 Quite cool indoor dog house for small dogs

If you have a pet dog who is your favorite and you desire to offer it all sort of comfort then you can go through this link. Here you will get to see some unique houses that are specially created for the animal dogs . These homes are extremely comfy and look very appealing and glamorous for the keeping your pet safe. These homes can be kept at your lawn and you can keep your dog safe in these houses out of your house. You will get all the illustrations of these canine houses in this websites. So have a look at custom dog houses you always wanted. If you are trying to check for houses for dogs, you have land on the cool website.

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Celebrity Hacienda Dog House


Created by custom doghouse design artists at La Petite Maison, this $30,000 red clay-roofed manse is large enough to accommodate a human and comes complete with terra-cotta floors. Who’s the lucky pooch that calls this humble abode home? This casa belongs to the pets of actress/model Rachel Hunter and is a scaled-down version of her California house. Price: $30,000.00. (Source)

Dog House with a deck and pool


This is a custom-made dog house built having in mind all the minimum details, including real materials, a wooden deck and a bone shaped pool. (Source)

Magis Dog House


The Magis Dog House is a polyethylene indoor/outdoor dog house that sits on two stylish stainless steel legs, with a small set of steps leading to the door. Designer: Michael Young for Magis. (Source)

Modern Dog House


Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, the spacious Cubix dog house is a hand-built contemporary abode for man’s best friend. The Cubix dog house is designed and manufactured by the German company Best Friend’s Home, and is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. The Cubix dog house sells for $5,800-$6,300 depending on size. (Source)

Paris Hilton’s Dog Mansion


Paris’s pinkified pet playhouse has two floors. Downstairs there is a living room and upstairs there is a bedroom and a closet to stash the many outfits she has purchased for her small pets. Hilton’s dogs, which bear names like Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Dolce and Prada, will feel right at home because the mini-mansion, outfitted by interior decorator Faye Resnick was designed to resemble Hilton’s own home in all its pink majesty and includes miniature Philippe Starck furniture, heat, air conditioning and even a black crystal chandelier and black ceiling moldings. The Price? Only $325,000. (Source)

Luxury Caravan Dog House


Eccentric Italian designer Marco Morosini enjoys putting his humor and own creative spin on the world as he experiences it. Making a social critique on the ways in which we worship our pets, he created his brilliant and beautiful Dog in a God collection. Genius! (Source)

Duplex Dog House


The answer to your dog house prayers has been answered with the duplex wood dog house. Spacious enough for two large dogs or one extra-large dog, this house is not only practical but also affordable. Each duplex house comes with a removable partition to accommodate one or two dogs. (Source)

Farm Dog House


Farm life suits dogs quite well, whether you live on a farm or not. The Hundehaus Farm Dog House gives a sense of farm living to the pup in your family, with traditional red outer walls, a shingled roof and small, paned glass windows. Inside, your dog can rest comfortably on a flannel dog bed, looking out at its pasture when not counting sheep within. (Source)

Dog is a God by Marco Morosini


The Transparent Dog House (top) comes complete with its own carport; the Temple Dog House (middle) has three separate entrances; and the Dog House (bottom) was especially designed for dachshunds. These models were also designed by Marco Morosini. (Source)

Celebrity Brick Estate Dog House

a97267_115The mastermind behind this upscale doggie abode is craftsman Alan Mowrer, known for creating the most fashionable dog houses in the world. This manor is estimated at $25,000 and boasts running water, lighting, air conditioning and heat! One of the best dog houses we’ve seen. (Source)


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