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Generally babies have some specific sizes while they were born and if you find carefully some of the infants are too big in their sizes. There are different type of realities that you are going to find in these big sized babies . Their food practices , their food need are also various and much higher than typical children. If you focus on these babies , you are going to discover these children are that much in their sizes from their birth that you can’t keep them in your lap. If you are interested to understand about these large sized infants , you can have a look at the link provided above. So check out the fattest baby in the world immediately. If you’re trying to look for baby world, you have actually land on the appropriate lading page.

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Jasleen – Germany’s Largest Baby



Stephen Lyttle – Australia’s Largest Baby


Stephen Lyttle, who tipped the scales at 7.399 kg (16 lbs 5 oz) when born at Kempsey Hospital on January 26, 1963, is Australia’s heaviest. The average weight of an Australian baby is 3.37 kg.

Today, he is 50 years old and stands a relatively regular 1.86 meters and weighs a proportionate 97 kg. ()

Maxine Marin – Gave Birth to the Biggest Baby Girl in Spain



George King – UK’s Largest Baby



JaMichael – Texas’ Largest Baby




Nadia Khalina – Siberia’s Largest Baby Girl



19.2 Pound Baby Born in Indonesia




Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean – A 23 Inch Long Baby Boy



Ademilton dos Santos – Brazil’s Largest Baby



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