09 Pretty one-of-a-kind the shortest man in the world ever

Marriage is the most sentimental phenomenon of everyone ‘s life and there are various fascinating realities you might discover associated to this marriage . There are few marital relationships which last for an extremely short amount of time however the occurrences of these marital relationships have actually ended up being memorable for the rest their lives. In some of these marriages the couples are included to each other in an odd manner in which and they are grossly connected to each other. If you are interested to understand about these different incidents you can have a look at the link. Click on the link for more details on this matter. So have a look at shortest marriage in history immediately. If you’re trying to look for shortest wedding, you have come on the best page.

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The television host who cheated on his bride at his bachelor party


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The man who divorced his wife within seconds of marrying her

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The bride who was attacked by her new husband

Tammy Driver and Nicki Pearce from Aberdare, South Wales, who were married for just 4 days after Nicki become jealous of Tammy for flirting with the best man. Pictured, Nicki Pearce and Tammy Driver on their wedding day. © WALES NEWS SERVICE


The pop singer whose first marriage lasted 55 hours

197574ED 18ABFD36 Britney Spears' first husband has broken his silence over her current marriage, admitting: "I'm bitter and I'm mad." Britney made headlines around the world when she wed childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas - only to get it annulled 55-hours later. Just two months later Britney was with dancer Kevin Federline - the man she is still married to and whose child she is expecting. Now for the first time Jason, 23, has spoken out about his feelings for his ex and her new life, admitting: "Why is it right with him and not with me? I'm bitter and I'm mad, but I don't hold it against her. She's Britney. Jason spoke to U.S. magazine 'In Touch' about how marrying Britney changed his life - and has devastated him to see the love of his life with another man. He also insisted that Britney went from telling him she loved him to completely cutting him out of her life. And cuttingly he accuses Kevin of being in the marriage for his own reasons. Asked if it was difficult seeing her with Kevin just

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The Saudi bridegroom who left his wife on their wedding night


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The groom who died after saying “I do”


A pair of his and hers wedding rings on a marriage certificate.



The actress whose marriage was annulled because she was already married


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The silent film actress who locked her husband out of the honeymoon suite


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The actor who handcuffed his wife so she couldn’t run away


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