07 Highly fantastic strange cheese

The majority of the tasty dishes in the world are made by adding dollops of cheese in then and this is the only reason regarding why people like this dairy item a lot. If you take place to have love for cheeses then this is the article that you need to read . Apart from the common types of cheeses that are available in the market, here you will get to understand about the seven strange ranges, which are truly rare . It is very intriguing to understand about the different tastes that each of these cheeses has. Get prepared to ride this amazing taste roller coaster So search for most expensive Italian cheese right now. If you are finding for popular types of cheese, you have actually stay on the incredible lading page.

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Stilton cheese (made of real gold)



Pule (world’s most expensive cheese)



Epoisses (the cheese that is so stinky that it was banned from public transportation)



Casu marzu (the cheese made with flying maggots)



Milbenkäse (the cheese made with mite excrement)



Halloumi (the cheese that doesn’t melt)



Vieux Lille (world’s strongest cheese)



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