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There are different kinds of uncommon events occurring around us and all of these incidents typically do not get flashed. There are various sort of occurrences which came out in front of the public . These events are truly scary and there are various demonic incidents happen but if people call themselves as demons then there are no other things which can more scare you. There are few individuals who call themselves as devils and their activities are not that regular. If you are interested to learn about these different sort of truths , you can inspect out the link offered above. So search for human and vampire you always needed. If you’re looking for reptilian planet, you have come on the ideal post page.

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Politician Jonathon Sharkey is a Self-Proclaimed Vampire Who Drinks His Girlfriend’s Blood

a98748_Jonathon Sharkey


Author Jujuolui Kuita Believes She is a Half-Human/ Half-Reptilian Shapeshifter


(Source | Photo)

Omnec Onec Claims to Be a Loving Ambassador Alien from the Planet Venus


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Thomas Stroup Claims that a Scratch from a Wolf Makes Him Rage at Every Full Moon



Josephine Rebecca Smith Claimed She was a Vampire and Took Bloody Bites from an Elderly Man’s Face


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Artist Cynthia Crawford Claims She is 2/3 Alien and 1/3 Human, Part of a Government Experiment


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Teenager W0lfie Blackheart Leads a Texas Werewolf Gang Called the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack


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Texas Man Claims to Be a 500-Year-Old Vampire and Tells Police that He Needs to Feed



100-Year Old Vampire Andrew Whiteman Threatens to Eat a Female Jailer’s Kidney


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