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There are different creepy things that you can learn more about from different funny events and here in this link you can get to know about the spy transmission. Transmission machines are used to transfer message from one source to another. There are different kinds of secret as well as private messages are transmitted with these various transmission makers . These transmission devices are made in such a manner in which that these makers can keep the secrecy. If you are interested to understand about these various transmission machines , you can have a look at the link provided above. So look into yosemite number now. If you are searching for shortwave broadcasts, you have actually come on the awesome lading page.

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Pieza kake


Agra vation


Aha ha


GoldenPalace.com Monkey


Calponia Harrisonfordi


Several spiders bear the names of entertainers such as the Calponia harrisonfordi, and the Pachygnatha zappa who clearly have taxonomists as fans. Sting, the musician, has his own tree frog as well: Hyla stingi. America’s president, vice president and defence secretary each got a beetle (Agathidium bushi, A. cheneyi, A. rumsfeldi) courtesy of two Republican coleopterists. Admittedly, the beetles in question eat slime mould, which caused a few titters among taxonomists of a Democrat persuasion, but it is clearly an act of gross speciesism to criticise the dining habits of other organisms, so the titters were sotto voce.

Carmenelectra shechisme

Pronounced “Carmen Electra She Kiss Me”, is actually a name for a fossil mythicmyiid (that’s another word for moth) from Dominican amber

Oedipus complex


Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides


Slippery dick


Colon Rectum

A leiodid beetle (from the Colon genus), named by Melville Harrison Hatch in 1933.

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