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Historians throughout the world will certainly like this terrific link as it provides ten incredible things just recently found from. A few of these fantastic images as shared in this historic link, include , a German submarine found off the Coast of Nantucket, remains of Marines in a bomber wreck found 70 years after the crash, WWII. Millions worth of silver discovered in a haul from a WWII shipwreck and much more fascinating realities which will certainly stun the historians and the history fans. More significantly , the link offers the real images as caught by the concerned authorities during their findings. Undoubtedly, these images are really stunning and remarkable . So start searching for ww2 wrecks
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A Hidden WWII Bomb Kills a Digger Driver in Germany



Postcard from a Soldier’s Parents Finally Arrives at Their Former Home

This undated photo, shows a postcard delivered to an address in Elmira N.Y., during the week of Nov. 12. 2012.The postcard was originally sent nearly seven decades ago. (AP Photo/The Star-Gazette, Jennifer Kingsley) CORNING OUT;



Nazi Art Haul Worth Billions Found in a German Apartment

FILE -This is an unfated photo released by the police in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012, shows the 1919 painting 'Reading Girl in White and Yellow' by Henri Matisse. A Romanian museum is analyzing ashes found in a stove to see if they are the remains of seven paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Monet and others that were stolen last year from the Netherlands, an official said Tuesday July 16, 2013. Matisse's "Reading Girl in White and Yellow" was one of the stolen paintings. (AP Photo/Police Rotterdam, File)



Remains of Marines in a Bomber Wreck Found 70 Years After the Crash




WWII Carrier Pigeon’s Message Found in a Chimney During Renovation



Japanese Super Submarine Located Off the Coast of Oahu



Millions in Silver Discovered in a Haul from a WWII Shipwreck


A British merchant ship sunk by the Nazis in 1941 was recently discovered 300 miles off the coast of Ireland at a depth of nearly 3 miles underwater.

The wreck has given up a haul of 61 tons of silver worth about $36 million. It consists of 1,574 silver ingots and weighs a total of about 1.8 million ounces.

While en route from India to Liverpool, the Gairsoppa was forced to break away from a military convoy off the coast of Ireland due to bad weather and insufficient coal. The ship was hit by a torpedo from a Nazi U-boat. Of the 86 men aboard, only one survived the long journey to shore.

Barrels of Lard Wash Up on Scottish Shores After a Storm



German Submarine Found Off the Coast of Nantucket



Lost WWII Battlefield Found Undisturbed

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