10 Extremely cool german human experiments

Madness is the only word to connote their obsession with the pursuit of clinical truth as they crossed the limits of peace of mind codified by the civil society. Even they ordered to eliminate individuals for the sake of his experiments. The link showcases instances of the darker side of clinical try outs its amoral worldview developing within the matrix of Second World War. One other hand, it is also apparent that some scientists who risked their lives for success of their clinical looks into. The link serves cooled passions of a few masters of logics or researchers. So search for famous japanese scientists immediately. If you are trying to check for 10 crazy science experiments, you have actually stay on the incredible lading page.
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Andrew Ure: The Scottish Butcher


Kevin Warwick: The First Human Cyborg


Sergei Bruyukhonenko: The Dog Decapitator


Johann Conrad Dippel: The original Frankenstein


Vladimir Demikhov: The Two-Headed Dog Surgeon


See a video of the surgery.

Giovanni Aldini: The Corpse Electrocutioner


Stubbins Ffirth: The Yellow Fever Vomit-Drinking Doctor


Josef Mengele: The Angel of Death


Shiro Ishii: Dr. Pure Evil


John Lilly: The Sensory Deprivation Tank creator


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