10 Extremely cool another way to say break a leg

At times coincidences take our minds away which too in a funny method . The page is exactly something like this. The page has actually gathered some of the most humorous and special ‘break a leg’ stories. If by reading the declaration, you are left with confusion, then, minutely go to the link and check out the complete article , where you will get sufficient info to enhance your funny bone. So simply get in the page and continue reading on all the events that will boost up your understanding about some funny accidents and definitely will include humor. So start looking for best way to break your foot you may need. If you’re looking for funny broken leg pics, you have actually stay on the perfect page.

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The cat that survived a shotgun blast and two broken legs



The rock star that broke his leg during a concert and continued performing


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The threesome that resulted in two broken legs


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The woman who broke her leg on vacation at the same time her cat broke its legs at home


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The baseball legend that broke his leg during a ceremonial first pitch

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA MARCH 31, 2014-Angels batting coach Don Baylor breaks his leg while catching the first pitch on opening day for the Angels in Anaheim Monday. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)


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The lumberjack who survived a broken leg and a near decapitation with a chainsaw


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The murderer whose legs were broken by a car backing up


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The smuggler who tried to hide cocaine in his cast


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The woman who overcame her fear of open spaces only to break her leg

Janet Faal who fell down in a manhole in Crawley. An agoraphobic granny called Janet FAAL went out with a friend for the third time in TEN years – and plunged down an open MANHOLE. See SWNS story SWFALL. Janet, whose surname is pronounced ‘fall’, did the splits with one leg in and the other out when she slipped into the manhole, and reckons she could have suffered much more serious injuries if she had been slimmer. The 57-year-old grandmother-of-four reckons she has been set back ‘years’ in her battle with debilitating agoraphobia, after the preventable mishap happened just as she was about to reach a tipping point with the condition. Janet had only just started leaving the house after more than ten years suffering from crippling fears, but now she reckons she may never leave the safety of her home again.


The daredevil that broke his leg on an orange peel



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