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Anesthesia awareness is one of the extremely unusual incidents that take place throughout surgical treatment and people who experience this condition may be affected in a bad way . Anesthesia awareness means the condition when patient can recognize what is taking place around them when they are under even basic anesthetic condition. These uncommon conditions of the client can be harmful and there are some frightening instances of the condition are discussed in this link too. In this condition a patient can experience the detail of the surgery and can remember them. To understand more on the topic you can go through this link. So search for anesthesia student doctor immediately. If you are exploring for patient not waking up after surgery, you have actually land on the appropriate page.

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June Carson: suffered a cardiac arrest during surgery


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Had an out-of-body experience during a nose job


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Experienced anesthesia awareness during gallbladder surgery


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Diane Parr: experienced it during a tooth extraction



Experienced anesthesia awareness during leg surgery


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Experienced Anesthesia Awareness twice


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Carol Weiher: experienced it during an eye removal surgery



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