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Cosmetic surgeries are done normally to replace the old and damaged look of an individual. It is done typically to give a person a complete makeover and some to hide some scars or injury. Lots of people all over the world have done some plastic surgical treatment in the hour of requirement which helped them to treat their wounds and also to alter the manner in which they look. These surgical treatments are done with utmost care and some implantations are done by the physicians on the faces. There are also some of the ill-effects of plastic about which you will learn more about by seeing the images provided in the above mentioned link. So start checking out
how old is amanda lepore you always wanted. If you are trying to check for
facelifts gone wrong, you have stay on the awesome blog post.

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Amanda Lepore: world’s most famous transexual


Amanda Lepore

Pete Burns: famous singer, spent almost all of his life savings on reconstructive surgery


Pete Burns

Dennis Avner: the Catman


Dennis Avner

Donatella Versace: a caricature of herself


Donatella Versace

Hang Mioku: the korean plastic surgery addict who injected cooking oil into her own face


Hang Mioku

Jackie Stallone: facelift, brow lift, cheek implants, nose job…



Jocelyn Wildenstein: a US$4 million monster


Jocelyn Wildenstein

Eric Sprague: the Lizardman



Michael Jackson: more than 10 nose surgeries


Michael Jackson

Michaela Romanini: italian socialite, famous for her collagen abuse


Last but not least. Meet italian socialite Michaela Romanini. Another plastic surgery gone wrong, this lip collagen abuser is only 40 years old, and became famous after her many surgeries.

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