9 Very lovely longest sniper shot recorded

You may have utilized the sniper while fighting the opponents of the war action video games that you dip into your home . However in this above discussed link you will get to see a few of the genuine life snipers that are utilized in the war and attacks and the effect of the snipers shots. Sniper is a type of war machinery that people utilize to eliminate the enemies from a long range . By looking at the target with the binocular that is used in the machine , you can easily target the head of the opponent. Snipers are understood to strike the target perfectly with excellent impact if the user utilizes it with excellence. So search for longest sniper kill shot you always needed. If you are looking for most confirmed kills, you have actually stay on the outstanding web page.

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The 85-year-old WWII veteran sniper who took the challenge to hit a target 1,000 yards away



The deadliest marksman in US military history with 255 kills



The sniper who crawled for 3 days across 2 km (2100 yards) of the enemy’s headquarters to take a single shot at the general, then crawled back out


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The man who was known as the world’s deadliest sniper, with 505 confirmed kills in less than 100 days



The most successful female sniper in history, a Soviet with 309 credited kills




The longest confirmed sniper kill in combat was shot from 2.47 km (1.54 mi) and took almost 3 seconds


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The sniper who managed to kill an enemy with a half-mile sniper shot which curved 56 feet (17 m.) in the air before hitting the target



The British sniper who hit the trigger switch of a suicide bomber, killing six Taliban with one bullet



The sniper who shot through a wall, and took down 3 insurgents


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