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Looks can be misleading and rightly so. However it appears that this eternal reality has actually been proved proper in cases of some bizarre documentaries too. At very first look, you may discover these documentaries rather special and intriguing to go through. But for the majority of the times, the inner scent of these articles may be not able to get your interest rather than sidetracking it. This segment makes up of a few of these stunning types of short articles which may make your mind feel a bit heavier than ever. There are an overall of 9 such awful documentaries gathered in this article . Happen with your very own threat. So have a look at disturbing documentaries immediately. If you’re trying to check for bizarre documentaries, you have actually land on the best post page.

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#.Zoo: A documentary about men who “love” horses

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#.Child Of Rage: A six-year-old victim of Reactive Attachment Disorder tells her story


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#.Crazy Love: The disturbing true story of an obsessive relationship


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#.Capturing The Friedmans: Pedophilia rips apart a family and their community


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#.Grizzly Man: An animal activist is killed by the bears he loves


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#.Brother’s Keeper: The strange but true life and murder trial of illiterate dairy farmer Delbert Ward


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#.Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure: The pre-internet fame of drunken, bickering roommates


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#.Grey Gardens: Eccentric socialites who fell through the cracks of high society



#.Marwencol: One man’s therapy is another’s art


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