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A female’s body sure is a wonderland, and the most mysterious part of her body is her vagina . Take a look at the page and know some fascinating elements which you stay unaware of. The link will determine what sort of mystery and special elements lady vagina holds and sometimes ladies themselves can unknown. Have you ever thought of that a shark and the vaginal area have some prominent resemblances? If you are really excited to understand, then, just click the connect to view more and most alluringly the integrated pictures will tell you all the details you are searching for . So search for healthy pussy now. If you are trying to check for vagina length, you have stay on the outstanding lading page.

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#.Don’t Wash Your Vagina!



#.The Vagina Can Expand Up to 200%



#.There IS a G-Spot


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#.8000 Nerve Endings in the Clitoris



#.The First Film to Use Word “Vagina” was a Disney Movie!



#.You Can “Exercise” Your Vagina



L.L. Cool K.

In 1948, a man named Arnold Kegel changed women’s lives forever when he published a pelvic floor exercise that quickly became synonymous with his name. Dubbed the Kegel exercise, it is a way to strengthen the “pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor,” (basically doctor-speak for the vagina muscles) which can help a woman cope during childbirth, fend off urinary infections, and even increase orgasmic pleasure. To do the exercise, you must first recognize the muscles you need by stopping urination in mid-stream. Next, empty the bladder and lie on your back. Slowly tense and relax these muscles (but not the buttocks) starting with 5-second intervals and gradually increase the duration to 10. Repeat 3 times a day. The good news is that men can also benefit from Kegel exercises, helping prevent premature ejaculation and lengthening and strengthening erections. Okay, everybody on your back! (Source | Photo | Via)

#.If You Say “Vagina” in the House of Representatives, You Will Be Banned



#.Don’t Shave Your Pubic Hair…?



#.Sharks and Vaginas Have Something In Common

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