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There are various type of horrible occurrences you might notice around you and all of these events are extremely normal and occurs around us. There are different kinds of imprisonment cases you find around you and all of these different cases vary from one another. A few of these terrible incidents flashes out in public and some other cases get under covered. There are lots of things which are not associated with different type of imprisonment cases. If you are interested to understand more about these different dreadful jail time cases, you can inspect out the link which is given above. So start searching for wrongfully sentenced to death immediately. If you’re trying to check for justice for the innocent, you have stay on the best website.

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The Man Who was Wrongfully Convicted for Fatally Poisoning His 7 Children



The Man Who was Freed from Nearly Two Decades in Prison After Bite Marks Exonerated Him


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The Man Who was Falsely Imprisoned for Life Due to Alleged Police Fabrications


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The First Man on Death Row to be Exonerated of His Charges and Set Free


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The Man Who Served the Longest Time in Prison Before He was Eventually Sprung By DNA Evidence


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The Innocent Man Who Served 20 Years After Being Coerced to Falsely Confess


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The Man Who was Exonerated of Murder Charges After He was Almost Executed


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Two Innocent Men Who were Awarded $5 Million Following Nearly 18 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment


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The Man Who Missed His Only Son’s Funeral Due to Wrongful Imprisonment

Robert Dewey, center, embraces his mother Donna, left, and father Jim, moments after being released from the Colorado Department of corrections in Grand Junction, Colo., after serving a life sentence for murder. Dewey was released Monday, April 30, 2012, after spending nearly 16 years in prison. William Woody, Special to the Post.

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The Potential Pro Baseball Player Who was Wrongfully Imprisoned For Murder




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