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China has actually developed the globe record by covering a large scale swimming pool with the pink and eco-friendly pit balls on 30th October to commemorate the Pink day. The swimming pool is 82 ft long as well as it is 41 feet large also and this massive size swimming pool is covered with vivid balls | spheres on this day . This pool lies in Kerry Resort. The adage of organizing this pit ball swimming pool was to avoid cancer cells and also to offer delight to the guests too. If you would like to know about this magnificent idea together with the pictures of the decorated pool after that you could take part in this web page . So search for biggest ball pit right now. If you are searching for guinness pool balls, you have actually come on the ideal post page.

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Photo: Aly Song/Reuters


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Photo: Aly Song/Reuters


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Participants throw balls into the air in a swimming pool filled with pink and green plastic balls during a Guinness World Records attempt of the Largest Ball Pit as part of the "Pink October" campaign at Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai October 30, 2013. The event, aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer prevention, set the world record with one million balls in the 25-metre-long (82 ft.) and 12.6-metre-wide (41 ft.) swimming pool, according to local media. REUTERS/Aly Song (CHINA - Tags: SOCIETY HEALTH)

Photo: Reuters

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