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The role of mouse pads is ever increasing as they become a part and parcel of our everyday life in both homes in addition to in work environments Apart from giving a computer system user some conveniences while navigating the mouse in computer systems, mouse pads are developed as per ergonomics to offer a much better movement to our wrists. The list offers here some amusing designs of these mouse pads that smooths the minds of the users. The NSWF 3D mouse pad as referred in this list provides big surprise as well a huge enjoyable, but is not recommended at offices. So look into creative mouse you always wanted. If you are trying to check for cool mouse mats, you have stay on the awesome lading page.

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A sporty desk accessory that will make a winning gift for that special golf lover ($39.99)
(Buy it Here)


These mouse pad calendars ($7.35) are really great for your desk, or even at a kitchen table to review the day’s activities each morning over a cup of coffee.
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The sunny side up eggs mouse pad ($11.99) measures 8″ round in diameter and has neoprene backing to ensure non-slip and ease of use. The image is vibrant and will not fade or discolor. An ideal gift for all occasions! (Buy it Here)


Nerdy Elements mouse pads ($11.30)
(Buy it Here)


No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer! mouse pad. ($9.99) (Buy it Here)


Holy Crap! Pete, is that you? mouse pads ($12.35) (Buy it Here)


The retro TV ($3.99) graphics help us fondly remember the beauty of soon-to-be obsolete technology. (Buy it Here)


Because I’m the Boss mousepad ($10) (Buy it Here)


It’s All Bush’s Fault mouse pad ($11.55)
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Creative Poker Chip mouse pad ($13.95)
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Do you still use an old mouse pad? You are out! This NSFW 3D mouse pad will give you and your friends a huge surprise! In the spirit of the holidays, add more fun to your life, just do it, get the novel 3D Mouse Pad ($19.97)! Not recommended for your office. (Buy it Here)


Funny white moustache on oak wood background mouse pad ($16.45) (Buy it Here)


You Can’t Fix Stupid mouse pad ($9.99)
(Buy it Here)


Your mouse will always have a guaranteed spot with Reserved For Mouse Pad ($10). A great gift for any car enthusiast! (Buy it Here)


Hamburger USB Warmer Mouse Pad ($6.70) (Buy it Here)


Who wouldn’t love a boob mouse pad ($23.99)? Even women will appreciate the extra cushion.
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