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Studio relocation photo taker Alexander Yakovlev makes incredible representations of professional artists that are perked up with the usage of airborne flour. The craftsmen does not just use this fine component to make his photos pop, he has likewise made a portfolio that permits highly contrasting to fulfill shading, artistic dance to satisfy break move , and stationary positions to fulfill passionate, mid-air solidify outlines. In grasping these differing sectors of his work, the photo taker is also comprehending the different types of relocation itself. In every photo , artists are appeared in represents that mirror the style of their significant advancements. Go to the page and explore more of it.

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More info:mymodernmet2UfXFcT3YjuYrOH4667d_Dance1


female dancer posing on studio background






female dancer posing on studio background


Alexander Yakovlev’s website
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