Quite simple bronze hand sculpture

Fifteen Pairs of Hands is a sculptural establishment by artisan Bruce Nauman including 15 white bronze figures of eviscerated hands strengthened in various positions. Every piece is presented by itself steel base covered in white paint as an arrangement of bodiless hands collaborating with each other. Nauman’s interest with hands and the different structures they can deal with is evident through the establishment as every set carries out one of a kind movement. In a couple of examples, the groups of hands appear to show each other while, at various times, the figures in every pair are making their own particular shapes to enhance each other. Go to the link.

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SPm7mpRiMKvNpQurstfv_1082129375 Top photo via Adventures of Madri

Top photo via Adventures of Madri

oRvrZc6J-zWp5l4JuXj-_1082129421 Photo via Adventures of Madri

Photo via Adventures of Madri

AQfx09HuzmKqHGZYbrHh_1082129434 Photo via jsnyder42

Photo via jsnyder42

qxUwYkBI9oG6nyFRwsAm_1082129457 Photo via thinkVisual

Photo via thinkVisuall

VSac6GP1Q6fhy0hCqxJv_1082129484 Photo via Art Observer

Photo via Art Observer

xXJz-B3fdXVUQFBeGa5f_1082129496 Photo via Art Observer

Photo via Art Observer


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