Pretty perfect the picture of rainbow

Here in this above discussed we get to see some pictures of the double rainbows in the skies. Rainbows are very intriguing phenomena that take place in the nature after the rains. These rainbows are so stunning that any one will pay a great amount of attention to catch its beauty . Here in this link we get to see the amazing rays of the rainbow that appears to originate from the top of the mountains and extends to the horizon over the lakes. In one of the image you will get to see the rainbow that tops the whole of the New york city City over the towers.

So start checking out two rainbows now.

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White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

I was cursing my luck at arriving during a severe thunderstorm when the light broke out beneath the cloud deck. I knew before I turned aound what was to great me...

Photo: Rikk Flohr

Skogafoss, Iceland


Photo: Vincent Piotrowski

North Norwegian Mountains, Norway


Photo: Dag Ole Nordhaug

Bl Bheinn, Skye, Scotland


Photo: Mark Mullen

Chicago, Illinois


Photo: Chris Allen

Zhrebchevo Lake, Bulgaria


Full rainbow at sunrise

Photo: Evgeni Dinev

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France


Photo: Matthieu Rivrin




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