2-Year-Old Girl Gets Quadruple Amputee Doll That Looks Just Like Her

Look! This is terrible when Harmonie –Rose Ivy Allen who was just only eleven months. That is, she was diagnosed with meningitis B and so as a consequence she is from Bath, UK and has to amputate both arms and legs. However, while she was provided a special quadruple amputee, lastly Harmonie might find a friend she might connect to. According to ABC News, Harmonie affirmed “Mummy, she’s just like me” and now two. The doll was revised by A Step Ahead Prosthetics being initiated by a US-based company that creates American Girl dolls look like amputees. Indeed, the parents deliver these dolls and they modify them free of charge in order that they give children with missing limbs and do not feel so alienated by their amputations. More info: boredpanda | Facebook | A Step AProsthetics (h/t: ABCNews)

Parents send them dolls and they modify them free of charge


The doll was modified by A Step Ahead Prosthetics who makes American Girl dolls look like amputees


Harmonie was just 11-months-old when she was diagnosed with meningitis B


As a consequence, she lost her arms and legs


“As you can see, she is already loved very much in this house and I know she will be Harmonie’s best friend forever,” wrote Harmonie’s parents


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